Computer games are like plays?

My reaction to Laurel’s article comparing dramas to video games is that plays provide a level of  communal activity that is not provided in video games.  (I admit that I never play computer games so that certainly colors my thinking.)  As soon as you read this you might be thinking “oh, yes it is communal — we have online game “communities.”   But is it really the same.  There is something personal about gathering in a theatre and to experience a play.  Furthermore, theatre is so much more personal than gathering for a movie because of the humanity shared by the actors.  I think plays offer so much more than computer games and hope technology will not result in the demise. But has it already?

I found the article most informative as a way to analyze why a play or book falls flat. I could definitely relate to those examples in the article.  When a mystery is solved with information not shared with me, the reader, I resent it.

The Star Raiders article was completely foreign to me since


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